No Ordinary Salon

"a truly beautiful salon nestled in the heart of Surrey reflecting the style and kudos of a top London Boutique salon" .

The F word!

When it comes to builders the F word is frequent.. There is only one F word I want to hear and it ' s 'FINISHED'   That elusive F word, a word I have longed for since Easter and it is the word that can't be spoken not even thought about at this moment in time because as the builders say it's nearly done , just a little bit left to do ! Why not do it then! 


I am so looking forward to shouting out that F word I will run up and down the stairs shouting it at the top of my voice if and when it final happens!  


Credit where credits due it's an amazing job but it's not finished yet, still not Surely they don't want to keep getting my frequent emails badgering them for a timetable of works which incidentally they did give me 


L'Oreal and Kerastase Salon 


Camberley's Largest Independent Salon