No Ordinary Salon

"a truly beautiful salon nestled in the heart of Surrey reflecting the style and kudos of a top London Boutique salon" .

All's going to plan.... So far!

They say " failing to plan is planning to fail " with our amazing makeover and extension to the  salon we are creating a 'cathedral' like first floor Salon floor complete with beauty rooms, training rooms and ....... You'll just have to see for yourselves ...  


A lot of work went into the pre-planning stage of the works, design changes and schedule changes just so we 'get it' right first time we can ill afford to close for too long so we decided on Easter as a 5 day schedule for the noisy works and the most disruptive events like diamond cutting out the first floor slab and all has gone to plan we are now awaiting the arrival of the glass and stainless steel staircase which arrives next week 


the next 2 weeks are crucial to finishing on time and on budget with very little that could go wrong.     ( famous last words) We are very excited to see the finished article which according to plan is May 1st 

if you follow Facebook we have several photos of the progress on our page ,, check it out when you get a minute 

That's our new 40ft stairwell!  

That's our new 40ft stairwell!  


L'Oreal and Kerastase Salon 


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